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July 2009



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Jul. 7th, 2009


Persona 4!

30 Questions for Persona 4 Fans
1) First of all, what's your name/handle?

2) What prompted you to play Persona 4?
Flipped through the guide at work and it seemed awesome

3) What were your first thoughts when you started playing?
When do I get to do something?

4) What's your MC's name and background?
Thesi Lentman, he just is?

5) What kind of character/personality is your MC?
He is just a good guy who helps whoever needs it

6) Who is your favorite character?
Either Chie or Naoto

7) Conversely, who didn't you like?
Rise, Ai, and Morooka

8) What was your favorite Social Link?
Chie's or Kanji's

9) What was your favorite scene?
New Years

10) What was your favorite Persona?
Arahabaki or pretty much any Chariot persona

11) What was the toughest boss/Shadow?

12) What was your favorite BGM?
"The Genesis" (Background Music from Ameno-Sagiri fight, probably only reason I didn't mind dying too much)

13) What was your favorite event?
True ending, XD

14) Are there any scenes that made you cry?
I came close when a certain person was kidnapped : (

15) Right now, what month are you on of what number of playthroughs? (e.g., July of your second playthrough)
June of second play through

16) In all honesty, did you do all six girls?
Nope, Chie first time, Naoto is going to be second time

17) Did you figure out the true suspect by yourself?
Sadly, yes

18) What were your feelings when the true suspect was revealed?
I laughed because I was right

19) List your final party and their assignments (i.e. what you had them do), please.
MC did buffs/healing/physical attacks, Chie did power charge/God's Hand, Naoto did physical attacks and items, Yukiko did healing

20) Would you like to live in Inaba?
No, I'd get annoyed by the Junes commercial

21) Every day's great at?
Please! Anything but the Junes jingle!

22) List the parts of Persona 4 you thought were fun/amusing. (As many as you'd like.)
Almost everything after you get to go back and forth between the TV world

23) List any parts of Persona 4 you found tiresome/worrisome.
The beginning where all you can do is go through story and save, also towards the end where there was a lot of pressure to finish up S-links

24) Now that Persona 4 is mixed-media (i.e., the "official" manga, the gag anthologies, the drama CDs), what forms of it do you like?
The game?

25) How much of the Persona series have you played?
Working on Persona 3 and plan on getting Persona 1 once it comes out on PSP

26) What do you think was the most fun part of the series?
S-links are a lot of fun

27) What do you hope to see in the next game?
The return of quests from the Velvet room

28) What are your overall thoughts on Persona 4?
Awesome game!

29) To whom will you pass this on?
Probably no one since I don't know anyone else who has played it, lol

30) One last word!
Take it if you like to fill out memes or whatever. Surely there are some meme addicts who can make some use of this!

Feb. 20th, 2009

Mugiwara flag

(no subject)

And Ill smile and Ill learn to pretend
And Ill never be open again
And Ill have no more dreams to defend
And Ill never be open again

Oct. 29th, 2008

Soul smile

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